The aha story

The aha Group is uniquely positioned in the world where business and healthcare intersect. We bring together outstanding business expertise with a network of senior-level professionals who understand the dynamics of medical organizations. Our passion and expertise allow us to provide clients with a range of services that facilitate meaningful outcomes.

Lisa Olson, PhD aha Group's founder and CEO

Lisa Olson, PhD
aha Group's founder and CEO

For me, I have been in healthcare for over 30 years and worn many different hats with non-profit and for-profit organizations. My formal education is all business with an undergraduate in marketing, an MBA in entrepreneurship and a PhD in marketing and healthcare management. I bring critical business thinking to what I do. But where my passion lies is in innovation and discovery. The hope for new cures, better treatments options, improved quality of life and even the eradication of a disease!

My experiences working for professional medical societies, academic medicine, contract research organizations, medical industry and patient advocacy organizations has shown me that pursuing any agenda requires savvy business planning and a focus on outcomes. I, along with the aha team, have the ability to support organizations making a difference for patients, caregivers, health consumers and professionals.

Simply put, we are business savvy and results oriented.

Lisa Olson, PhD
Founder & CEO

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