Business savvy. Results oriented.

At the core of these services is our enthusiasm for our work and desire to provide excellence and meaningful outcomes. Our goal is 100% client satisfaction, nothing less.

Our focus and expertise is on servicing Professional Medical Societies and Patient Advocacy Organizations. We also understand the increased need for creative and productive collaborations with Academic Medical Centers, Providers and Medical Industry. We are conveners and know how to make partnerships flourish.

Project management


We can facilitate the work of your organization, committees and staff initiatives. Put to work the versatile aha Group as staff extensions to create and execute programs that advance your mission.

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Market research


You need to understand your contingencies’ perception and interest in participating with your organization; determine the feasibility of new services and products, and assess marketplace opportunities. The aha Group can help and employ numerous assessment tools.

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Environmental scans


Take a deep dive into your landscape to see who is funding and conducting business in your market space. Gain insight from expert interviews, literature reviews, government and private databases, and consensus-building techniques.

Business and marketing plans


Take your good ideas and make them workable, affordable, revenue-generating ideas supported by business logics and structured business and marketing plans with measurable outcomes.

Due diligence and negotiations


Identify and conduct appropriate due diligence on potential partners and seek sound business advice in negotiating terms.

Stakeholder forums


Host forums and conferences to convene stakeholders; identify scientific and funding gaps; build consensus to establish an agenda and set priorities; and establish actionable plans to advance your mission.  

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Assess your organization’s effectiveness in raising funds from multiple sources; build an infrastructure to advance your mission; identify new funding partners; and create innovative sales approaches for industry partners.

Career scientist programs


Create or enhance programs to support and celebrate the scientists who advance the field using best practices, while achieving your investment goals as you build their bright futures.

Patient programs


Create programs designed for patients and caregivers that address the literacy gap in talking about medicine, healthcare and research. Create effective means to gain needed participation in clinical trials while supporting your medical industry partners.

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